More Good News!

Quite often, when I meet with new families to see if we might be a good fit for each other, they come with a list of great questions. (Like this one) I love that; the best conversations get started with those questions, and between the two of us, there is a lot of information being shared. No matter the resource a family used to develop their own set of questions, one thing is pretty consistent: Do I have a backup in case something goes weird?

My answer has previously been a hesitant yes; I have a few sister doulas who I call if I absolutely have to leave town, or if I come down with the bubonic plague for a few days and can’t be around people. But recently, I’ve solidified my relationship with one stellar doula in particular, and I’m no longer hesitant.

Meet Jocelyn! Beautiful Beginnings and Snohomish County Doula have created a loose partnership, strengthening both of our practices so that we can take even better care of you beloved families.

Why I love her:

What this means for our clients:

  • Absolute confidence that you will have a doula at your birth. With two of us watching over due dates, there are layers of safety nets to care for you.
  • Expanded resources. Between the two of us, if I don’t have a recommendation to fit your need, I’m sure that Jocelyn will.
  • Increased capability for me to care for you. I’ve kept my schedule very carefully spaced out previously, to avoid the possibility of colliding due dates, and I’ve had to turn people away because of it. I hate turning people away. Now that Jocelyn’s got my back, I am capable of caring for more families.

You may be wondering….

  • Who will attend my birth, then? I will. If you hired me, that means that I will be there. If you have hired Jocelyn, she will be there. We are NOT creating a shared on-call kind of partnership, but solidifying a back-up relationship that simply gives each of our clients security. The thing with doula work, though, is that life can get weird and unpredictable, and we want to make sure that if your labor starts while one of us is, say, out on a hike, you still get care.
  • If I hire you, and your backup needs to come, how do I pay her? You don’t. I do. We’ve got it all arranged between us, and it’s not something you will need to deal with.
  • How much information about me will be shared? I will go over this in prenatals, asking your permission before I share information with Jocelyn. In general, we both want to know names, due dates, contact information and addresses, and the main points about your birth plan. You absolutely have the option to ask for privacy in any of those areas.

This is such a good thing, and I’m excited about how my doula care for you dear families will become stronger, more confident, and even more reliable. Onward and upward for increasingly better doula care!

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