The Better Baby Class

The Better Baby Class is the most comprehensive and evidence-based class available for parents as they prepare to actually care for their sweet newborns…and wonderful new mothers.

In this four-hour course, parents will learn about:

  • Embracing the final days of pregnancy
  • Plans for when you’re in labor
  • What is the “fourth trimester”
  • The “Golden Hour” after birth
  • Benefits of skin-to-skin contact
  • Common newborn procedures
  • Getting breastfeeding off to a great start
  • Signs of a good latch
  • Taking care of birthing mom’s body after birth
  • Newborn care days 1-14
  • Typical newborn sleep
  • Soothing a fussy baby
  • How to have helpful visitors
  • Establishing your new family
  • And a day-by-day guide for baby, birthing mom, and partner for the first week after birth

You can find out much more about this wonderful class here.

I am currently only offering this class privately, for a low price of $100. Please message me below to set up a time!