BBC-FullLogoI have an announcement.  But first, a little back-story:

I became a doula because I know that birth is transformative.  Studies have proven over and again that the way a woman is cared for while she births impacts her deeply.   Birth scores a “10” on a woman’s personal Richter Scale, both physically and psychologically.

I LOVE caring for women during this transformative time, and knowing that love and support will characterize their memories of the work they underwent to bring their babies out.  I love helping them feel strong through education and personal support, I love fetching blankets and water and snacks and heating pads.  I love helping “carry” other mothers through the end of pregnancy and over the mountain that is birth.


For a long time, I have felt that after supporting and helping “carry” a woman through this transformative time, the baby comes, the parents are exhausted, stuff hurts and gets confusing and possibly overwhelming, and I disappear with a hand wave and a cheerful “enjoy your baby!”

Postpartum support is significantly lacking in American culture, and I don’t want my families to feel deserted and uncertain.  Of course, getting certified as a postpartum doula is something that I’m planning for the future, but that’s a long process in itself and not something I can get going quickly.  In my search for how I can increase support for families before, during, AND after their birth, I stumbled upon….

***drum roll***

(this is the announcement part)

The Better Baby Class!

I spent weeks on their website while I debated becoming one of their certified teachers.  I emailed current teachers and asked them far too many, far too complex questions about this course, and got back only rave reviews.  I emailed the class creators, and have found them to be warm, passionate, intelligent women who have created something that is absolutely genius. And, as of last night, I joined their ranks by completing their Teacher Training, and am now a certified TeacherMentor for The Better Baby Class!

This class is designed to help parents feel ready; ready to care for each other and their baby, ready to face the challenges of newborns with some knowledge and humor, and ready to reach out for extra support when it’s needed.

Class participants get to learn all about:

  • Embracing the final days of pregnancy
  • Plans for when you’re in labor
  • What is the “fourth trimester”
  • The “Golden Hour” after birth
  • Benefits of skin-to-skin contact
  • Common newborn procedures
  • Getting breastfeeding off to a great start
  • Signs of a good latch
  • Taking care of birthing mom’s body after birth
  • Newborn care days 1-14
  • Typical newborn sleep
  • Soothing a fussy baby
  • How to have helpful visitors
  • Establishing your new family
  • And a day-by-day guide for baby, birthing mom, and partner for the first week after birth

(for more information on class topics, see here)

Each session is four hours of class time, divided into two, two-hour classes.  Each session also comes with a lovely full-color workbook, additional online materials, and access to further support from yours truly.  Class fees will be $55, and I’m currently working on a location to teach in.  Look for an official schedule starting in late May.

If you want to get in on the first session, please enter your information below and I will get your name on the list!


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