Tools of my Trade: Honey Sticks

When I’m attending a birth, I always feel that my most important tools are my heart, my hands, and my voice.  That said, I keep a few things in my birth bag to help labor be more comfortable and more supported….today I’m talking about honey. … More Tools of my Trade: Honey Sticks


Postpartum support is significantly lacking in American culture, and I don’t want my families to feel deserted and uncertain. In my search for how I can increase support before, during, AND after birth, I found something fantastic. … More Announcing….

World Doula Week

Ahhh….a whole week to celebrate being a doula.  It’s kind of fun to have an actual, honest-to-goodness date that is proclaimed as a time to showcase how wonderful doulas are.  This still feels like a newer profession, and I wonder how many people know the beginnings of formal doula care? Back in the 60’s, as … More World Doula Week